Terms & Conditions



DAMN GOOD BEER BUS, CO. is the tour operator for the services described in proposal and outlined in tour itinerary.

Services: DAMN GOOD BEER BUS, CO. shall organize and co-ordinate all mutually agreed upon services as set forth in the itinerary. Once approved, changes or requests for changes to services will not be guaranteed and are subject to availability and subsequent fees.

All-Inclusive Tour Inclusions: The tour includes guided transportation for 4 hours, visiting 3 breweries, a behind the scenes tour (subject to cancellation by touring brewery) snacks, cooler, ice, and bottled water for each guest.


Hourly Rental Inclusions: This option includes guided transportation for a minimum of 4 hours, visiting as many locations as you’d like, breweries or not, a behind the scenes tour (by request and subject to cancellation by touring brewery) snacks, cooler, ice, and bottled water for each guest.

Additional Costs: For Hourly Rentals, you will be charged at a rate of $125/hour for any rentals in our 14 passenger bus and $225/hour for hourly rentals in larger vehicles, for going over pre-arranged time frame.

For All-Inclusive tours that go over 4 hours, you will be charged $125/hour for tours using our 14 passenger bus and $225/hour for tours using a larger vehicle.

*You are choosing the pick up time. We advise you to be ready so you are not paying for us waiting on you.

Transportation: Price listed is inclusive of all transportation including a customized pick up/drop off location within 20 miles of downtown West Palm Beach, FL. Driving exceeding that will be an additional charge of any fraction of an hour at a rate of $125/ hour for groups up to 14, and $225/hour for groups of 15 or more.

Reservations: Once you pay your non-refundable deposit, we will secure the date and time for your tour and create an itinerary for your group. Deposits will be used to secure the following resources for your tour:
- All required reservations and booking for your event space
- Transportation services for attendees
- Management, consultant, and monitoring of all planned functions
- Professional guides and handout material
- Planned brewery tours and/or beer if you decide to include it

Tentative Itinerary: The breweries listed are on your itinerary are subject to change, we do not guarantee visits at any breweries.

Fees and Deposits: A 3 person deposit for All-inclusive tours or a 1 hour deposit for Hourly Rentals is required at the time of the initial booking to secure the date for your tour.

Final Payments: Final payment, the remaining overall tour balance, will be due 72 hours prior to the tour date, if payment has not been made by that time, the card used to pay the deposit will be charged 48 hours prior to tour time.

Payment Methods: Damn Good Beer Bus, Co. accepts all major credit cards, cash. and checks as acceptable deposit payment methods. By paying tour deposit online, participants agree to all applicable terms and conditions.

Please make checks out to DAMN GOOD BEER BUS, and mail to:
303 9TH AVE N

DAMN GOOD BEER BUS, CO. is not responsible for lost mail.
Returned Check fee: $45
Late payment fees:
- 7 days past due- $25
- 14 days past due- $50
- 30 days past due- $100 and all outstanding amounts shall be sent to a collection company

Cancellation, Refunds and Changes: 

We understand unavoidable and unplanned matters arise. We ask if such issues conflict with you meeting your reserved tour date/time that you communicate with us as soon as possible.

Any cancellations or reschedule requests must be made in writing to info@damngoodbeerbus.com.

If you arrive intoxicated you will be unable to participate, and you will not be refunded. If you become over-intoxicated or unruly while on the tour, you will be asked to exit, and you will not be refunded. You will be responsible for any costs incurred to retrieve your vehicle and/or return to your point of origin/destination. The tour guide/driver will determine what is considered unruly or intoxicated at their discretion.

  • Grace Period - A 100% refund will be given for cancellations made within 48 hours of the booking, if the booking is more than two weeks out from tour date. 

  • More Than Two Weeks After Making Reservation - Full deposit amount will be credited towards a future tour.

  • Two Weeks Prior to Tour Date - No refunds will be given for cancellations made within two weeks of tour date. This rule supersedes the aforementioned grace period.


If you would like us to clarify any of the points mentioned above, please do so prior to booking.

Notice: We have the right to refuse service to anyone and can terminate the tour for any reason to protect the safety of the passengers, our staff or equipment. Situations such as any illegal substance is used by any tour participant, or if any illegal substances are found or suspected to be in possession of anyone on the vehicle, or if a minor appears to be intoxicated or incapacitated, proper authorities will be contacted. No refunds will be given for a tour in which service is terminated.

Smoking: Absolutely NO smoking on the vehicle at any time. This includes, without limitation, any form of tobacco, cloves, marijuana or cannabis, and any such substance is prohibited throughout the duration of the tour. Tobacco may otherwise be consumed in accordance with applicable legal regulations at only where authorized or approved by any destination location or business.

Alcohol: Guests are allowed to imbibe on the bus as long as they follow the rules:
1. No outside liquor may be brought on to the bus.
2. Guests may drink packaged beer on the bus purchased at the locations along the tour
3. Everyone on the bus must be 21 or older with a valid ID.

Termination: DAMN GOOD BEER BUS, Co. has the right to refuse or terminate transportation to any person that displays inappropriate or aggressive behavior or appears to be intoxicated. No refunds will be given for terminated transportation. DAMN GOOD BEER BUS CO. also explicitly disclaims any right or obligation to provide alternative transportation to severely impaired tour or event participants, but may assist in helping such individuals obtain safe and secure alternatives.

Waiver of Liability and Release: All passengers will sign a waiver and liability release in order to participate the day of the event. There are no exceptions to this requirement.

Bus Condition and Damages: We ask that you keep the bus as clean as possible and take excessive garbage with you. If the bus is left in poor condition, a $100 cleaning fee will apply with a $200 fee if any guests vomits inside or on the vehicle. Customers are responsible for any damages they cause to the vehicle, including bodily fluid clean up, broken items, etc.

Baggage: DAMN GOOD BEER BUS, CO. assumes no risk for handling baggage and other passengers properties and is not responsible for loss of any such items on the vehicle.


Responsibility: DAMN GOOD BEER BUS, CO. assumes responsibility for all Services with the following exceptions:
I. Other Entities – DAMN GOOD BEER BUS, CO will not be held responsible cancellations, changes to Services/fees/ price, conduct, of quality of goods and for entities that operate under any name other than DAMN GOOD BEER BUS, CO. including, but not limited to: vendors, tour operators, breweries, distilleries, cideries, event staff, hotels, transportation companies, restaurants and entertainers.
II. Weather - Unless otherwise noted and specified all Services are planned to operate regardless of weather. In the event of an “Act of God” and weather presents a safety issue DAMN GOOD BEER BUS CO. will offer other suggested tours to consider. There will be no reimbursements, full or partial, for inclement weather experienced during any service provided. It is the responsibility of the guests to be prepared for predicted weather and dress accordingly.
III. Conduct – DAMN GOOD BEER BUS, CO. assumes no responsibility for conduct of individuals other than its guides/employees/officers.

Indemnify: Except as otherwise prohibited by law, participants in DAMN GOOD BEER BUS, CO. transportation, tours, activities or events shall indemnify and hold DAMN GOOD BEER BUS, CO., and without limitation, its staff, employees, owners and affiliates, harmless from all claims, actions, suits, losses, and expenses of any nature related to the use of DAMN GOOD BEER BUS, CO’s Services, its employees or subcontractors, and for the participants negligence or intentional misconduct.

Insurance: DAMN GOOD BEER BUS, CO. will maintain or provide insurance coverage for all vehicles and staff utilized while providing Services.

Arbitration: I agree that any dispute concerning, relating, or referring to this contract/ services/ brochure/ flyer/ website/ confirmation/ invoice or any other literature concerning service agreement or the service itself shall be resolved via binding arbitration in WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA. If binding arbitration is required the PALM BEACH County Circuit Court under its existing rules will be used. In any such arbitration, the substantive law of Oregon will apply. The parties to any arbitration shall pay for their share of arbitration expenses aside from their own appointed legal representatives. The arbitration may award legal fees and related arbitration expense to the prevailing party and all such costs and expenses may be recovered from the non-prevailing party.

By paying the non-refundable deposit for your tour, you agree that you have read all of the above terms and conditions and understand and agree to all the terms of this contract with DAMN GOOD BEER BUS, CO.

If you have any questions, please contact DAMN GOOD BEER BUS, CO. at 561.906.7212. We are looking forward to creating an amazing experience for your group!