Two things make Ralph very happy. Sports and beer. Ralph's love of beer began at the University of Florida during countless tailgates. He soon realized some beer is better than others! Over the past few years, he's developed his passion for craft beer and even began homebrewing. You can find Ralph at local breweries, sporting events, and on the golf course; obviously with beer in hand.



if you want to get May's attention, talk about craft beer and food. She had her first taste of craft beer after stumbling across it at a liquor store, one day, and hasn't looked back. Cooking is her career, but drinking beer is her true passion. She has stood in countless lines and traveled many hours for a specific beer. Chances are, you'll probably run into her at the next big bottle release.



The safest driver east of the Mississippi. James is a cool as a a cucumber,  loves chatting it up and cracking jokes. When not working, he enjoys relaxing with his family, including his grandchildren, kids, and wife. Ask him to tell you a story, he's seen it all.


Dennis is a long-time craft beer enthusiast. He discovered craft beer around 2007 and has not looked back since. His favorite style of brews are IPAs of any kind although he also enjoys stouts and sours. When Dennis is not enjoying a cold brew at his favorite pub you can find him at home being a single dad to his two teenage daughters and German Shepherd Dog "Luger". He is looking forward to sharing his passion for beer with all of you. 


Jonathan is a fan of all things craft beer and has never met a beerfest he didn't like. He enjoys homebrewing although he doesn't fully qualify as a homebrewer ...yet. Current styles of choice are juice bomb New England IPA'S. Give him good beer, good food, good people and he's a happy camper.